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    Find delight, inspiration, and perhaps even recognize a part of yourself in this heartwarming collection of essays.

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    Join me as explore the stories of incredible everyday people, share some laughs, and bring a little of what I learn to my blogs.

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    Sometimes the best way to express an emotion is through poetry...regardless of what that emotion is.

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Meet Suzanne Crone

Author, blogger and amateur plumber I've worn more than few hats in my life...and look forward to trying on a few more for size!

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Suzanne Crone - Writer

Other Adventures - Works in Progress

I'm always exploring different forms of expression. Here's a bit about my latest projects.

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Suzanne Crone - Blogger

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Whether you're in the mood for a funny story, a heart warming exploration of the human spirit, or a poem to get you thinking, you will find something here.


Suzanne Crone Bio

Suzanne Crone Bio

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My Three Questions

My Three Questions

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Adventures with Humans

Adventures with Humans

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A writer, creator, and keen observer of human nature meeting its challenges–wins as well as losses

I have a knack for starting conversations with people–complete strangers–on street corners, in grocery lines, coffee shops, or out in the wilderness. The stories are hilarious, profound, and everything in between.

Now, as our planet spins toward big change, I feel compelled to share these interactions with you in hopes that they may inspire you in some way. Welcome to the adventure!.

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My Three Questions Blog - Suzanne Crone

My Three Questions - The Blog

I ask random people across Canada doing whatever three questions: Are you in love? Who has been the most influential person in your life? How do you feel about the future? Their answers are a revealing description of the heart and spirit of the people of this country; an important snapshot during these days of shift and upheaval.   

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Adventures with Humans, Suzanne Crone Blog

Adventures with Humans - The Other Blog

After several decades of navigating the planet, I have realized that my habit of starting conversations with strangers has resulted in stories that describe the varied state of the heart in its growth. Many of the stories are hilarious, some sad, and then the rest, though often weaving threads from either end, fill in the middle.

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A few words from the desk of Suzanne Crone

What the humans had to say...

Besides the Blog...Works in Progress

The Spin - A Novel with Words & Pages

Sarah Klein, oddly widowed by a man channelling Lafayette, moves into a strange house in a new town to begin anew. She discovers a strange field behind the house, and strange, but friendly neighbours on the far side of it. Klein, along with these neighbours, and five more significant characters, one of which is a penguin, join together to battle a less-than ethical hotelier and his mayor wife who are keen on bulldozing and developing the protected field for profit.  

If that didn't spark your interest...there's a sex scene that has something to do with an old Victrola and Louis Armstrong, a child dropped into a cake, and a Lafayette channeller who morphs into a baguette at one point! Not to mention wobbly restaurant chairs and a toad stampede.  But the Victrola! Aren’t you curious as hell about that? Aren’t you?

My Three Questions - Suzanne Crone Blog
My Three Questions - Blog by Suzanne Crone
Adventures with Humans - Blog by Suzanne Crone

Ursa Major

I think at that time, I had hope, faith that if I showed up and faced whatever needed to be faced, I could thrive.

The Thing of It

Rigidness drives us to sequester in thought silos at our detriment and the detriment of the collective. Part of taking back our freedom is reclaiming our relationships with each other, to stretch out of the silo as if to feel the sun for a change.

The Third Person in the Room

The value of it, of being fully present in a conversation is clear to me, but it does take an intentional willingness, a commitment to be vulnerable.

A few words from the desk of Suzanne Crone

What the humans had to say...