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Welcome to my selection of writings! Whether you're in the mood for a funny story, a heart warming exploration of the human spirit or a poem to get you thinking, you will find something here. Enjoy!

Poems by Suzanne Crone, Uxbridge Blogger

Why Poetry?

The poetry wasn’t mine. I wrote it down, but it came from somewhere in the heavens and I was simply a conduit. It happened during a special, remarkable time where I discovered a deeper part of myself–like finding a room that you never knew existed and you are changed forever.

Poems About Life, Love & More

These poems are meant to access your deeper you, if you’re up for it. You may find familiar sentiments that pair with your own life, or discover a new path that you had not considered before. This poetry is meant to connect us, and ALSO to keep you from having to hear me try to sing. I wouldn’t do that to you. I am not a monster.

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Adventures With Humans - Stories, Musings & Opinions 

I write about my adventures with humans because I’ve learned that the subtleties of an interaction or scenario are often wonderfully entertaining. Simply watch someone walk along a sidewalk and navigate other people if you don’t believe me–there’s always a story. 

Sharing My Journey with You

There is richness in the journey, not necessarily in the destination, and the details can be hilarious, or deeply poignant if you take the time to notice. I will help in this noticing.

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Adventures With Humans, Blog by Suzanne Crone
Suzanne Crone, Uxbridge Ontario Blogger

My Three Questions - Sharing the Stories of Humans Encountered 

The idea for My Three Questions dropped into my head while watching a body builder in my gym; I wondered about him. I realized that it would be a great project to ask random people the same 3 questions.  The result, I feel, will be a revealing description of the heart and spirit of the people of this country; an important snapshot during these days of shift and upheaval.

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Are you in love? Who is the most influential person in your life? How do you feel about the future?

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A few words from the desk of Suzanne Crone

What the humans had to say...

  • ...conservation biology, land reclamation, that kind of stuff, and uhm, every other day is like battling this impending sense of doom about the future on a variety of fronts but, for us, mostly climate related. Yeah.
    - Taylor MacLeod, U of A