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Tegan Hargreaves from England, in Tofino, BC

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Tegan Hargreaves

 June 12, 2019. I met Teagan during surf lessons in Cox Bay, Tofino. Once we had finished being thrashed by the Pacific–in a fun way, of course, I gave her and another surfer a ride back into town. During the ride, the three of us talked about the world. Tegan seemed reserved until she answered the three questions. Clearly, Tegan is mighty. You can tell this from her answers!

Are you in love?

“Ah, yes. I am in love with myself and with my family, I think. Now there’s so many young teenagers who are so self-conscious and do not believe in themselves, do not like their body and all that. I’ve tried to really focus on myself and, yeah, love who ‘I’ am because I do!

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

“I think I would have to say my parents. Uhm, they’ve always supported me in everything that I’ve done and they have just been amazing people–the loveliest, funniest people in my life.”

'You are very lucky" says I.

“I am very lucky.”

How do you feel about the future?

“I’m so excited. I have no idea what it will bring for the world or for me individually, but I know it will be good–and yeah, I’m excited about it!”