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Welcome to My Website!

Posted in Adventures With Humans

Here is my website! It is here. You are here. We are here...
Why is it here?
What exactly is it?

It’s not even a thing, really. You can’t pile it on a shelf, or lean it up against a wall somewhere to stay until you get to it. You can’t leave it on the floor until you decide to vacuum and then pick it up and put it on that chair with everything else that was on the floor.

This website exists nowhere: It’s an idea. A concept. A digital suggestion. You can’t grab it. You can’t crease the pages of it and hold onto it like your favourite book. Yet it is a thing, somehow. And here we are. This is how we do this now apparently–this communicating. I’d rather meet you in person over a coffee somewhere. I could point out that green thing you’ve got stuck in your teeth. I could revel in the story of your latest tattoo, or whatever the most recent event has been in your life. We could hug each other before we went off our own ways. That hardly happens anymore. I know I am complicit, using this mode to examine the loneliness that it nurtures. You could be anywhere, doing anything, wearing whatever. You could be ten floors up, standing on a ledge–still with that damn piece of green in your teeth; the disconnect is relevant.

This is a troubling, surreal time on this planet: Our humanity, capable of so many great things, is floundering in fear triggered by terrible leadership in some parts of the world. More than this, and also because of it, the planet is at risk. There is a voice deep inside urging me to do something out of a pure desire to have hope, and also because it seems to me that the only thing standing in the way of a healthy planet, and vibrant, thriving societies, is our inability to be vulnerable and caring with each other. Instead, we have separated ourselves; we’ve labeled the other. We mistakenly think we are going to win, meanwhile nature is packing it in and looking forward to our extinction–we’re the ones at the perfectly wonderful party who ruined everything and burned the house down. So, I’m stepping forward here, and am committing to more posts inspired by my random interactions with humans. Yes, I have done this in the past, but I’m ramping up my efforts–no sitting around.

I want to draw us together. This is essential, I feel.

This website is dedicated to the subtleties of human life that we all share: birth, death, a shirt with the buttons done up incorrectly, art, burping, where ideas come from–so most things. There is no judgement here. Nothing preachy, except that I will remind you now and then, that we are all in this together–we do need each other. So, there will be lots of love too. I hope that’s okay. You’ll find most of my old blog posts and poetry moved to here. I scrapped a bunch that made me roll my eyes–I adore you so I’d rather not put you through anything tiresome. Tiresome is the last thing we need right now. The Three Questions Project is neato, and you can click on the page to check that out. 

I would love to hear from you if you read something on here that moves you in some way. Nothing would make me happier–a writer’s dream, I suppose. Okay, get back to your living. And I will get busy with this for you! Perhaps this can serve as a way to digitally hold on to each other.