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Si Tu me Vois

Posted in Poetry

This piece was composed, specifically, to be read, or spoken along with music you would recognize from Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris," "Si tu vois ma mere," by Sidney Bechet. Otherwise, the flow of it might seem odd. If you are too cheap to download the song, then have a friend hum it while you read, or phone me and I'll do it. Boy, you're a lot of work.

Wake up. Breathe, and open up your heart,
Then slide.  Move, and feel your way.  Don't think so much.
Don't think so much ---feel - - -
Send worry - off - to some - where else.
Not - for you - today.
Put on that dress.
Yes that dress -

And sizzle - baby, just sizzle -

Comb back your hair - and love the ground,
Then find your tem - po, some - thing slow.
Then step. Step. And wind your way,
Like silk - - -
There is - no - need - to - fight - your -way -
From one - scene - to - the - next.

You can sizzle - baby, if you open - up your heart.

It won't take long - once you venture out,
For the world to wel- come you.  Yes this way you move.
This new way you move --- smooth - - -
You'll - find just how nice it is not to dance for any but yourself.
Let them dance their own.  They can dance their own.
There is nothing -  you need prove.

Then you'll find your place - as you move with grace,
Taking comfort in - that skin.
And you'll look around. Yes, you'll look around -
To see - - -
All those open hearts - moving with -  as if you were one.
So keep sizzlin' baby - that's how you were meant to be - - -

- Suzanne Crone