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Bend With You

Posted in Poetry

I can bend with you; find cover.
I can watch over your shoulder for you as you
Figure your tickets and tithes.
I can hold you secure on this ledge as you try to
Outwit the mistakes in your dreams.
You didn't think it like this;
Trapped in the wind and wash of others, and now you hurry to
Don't be afraid.  I can take up the
Extra room in your shadow that you find so unsettling.
And for you? I can translate the moon's questions, mainly,
"Why is it that you never look up?"

It is clear that you need to mend.  Drop your guard.
I can go with you into slumber and navigate through
Your deep concern while you descend further to oblivion.
Relax.  I can roll you to the surface again and
Ease you back up onto your feet.
There is no tremor here.  Not with me.
I can slow you to steady step; your own path still,
But not so lonely, not so bleak,
No longer an exercise in endurance.
Now a delightful dawning as the easy notes,
There all along, peak through at you like the
Sun through the curtain's break.

I can search with you.
I can hold open the loose fence board and follow you through
As you try to figure where it landed; that vision you had,
Tossed, out of despair at its size.
'Turns out it wasn't too big at all.
I can help you carry it, weave it into your sail and then ...
Watch and sweep in arc around you, always within reach
As it begins to take shape.
It fits you perfectly.
I can marvel at you; maneuver to meet you,
Join you, banking and coursing with your own momentum.
Look at you.
Look at you.

I can't look away.

- Suzanne Crone