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The White Flag

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Being human is complicated.

There is almost too much. Do you feel that? Stepping back from the madness is key. When I fall back into my old thought arena I am reminded of this, and it would be bonkers-good to not need this reminding.
 Let’s refresh with a list of the words broadcast and germinating after the previous wash of essays:

breakthrough, healing, forgiveness, presence, liberation, transformation, trauma, addiction, grace, non-attachment, assumptions, poetry, beauty, blame, guilt, hope, insight, and trust. Perhaps we should line the list with loneliness too. We’re all lonely somewhere, right? Oh, I forgot “pinnacle.” Pinnacle is optimal. I forgot “judgement.”

How about, “wash separately and lay flat to dry.”

Let’s discuss  “surrender.” I know it is defined as giving up any resistance to an opponent. Add yeast and let this rise into something different that I have in my head; surrender could be a pre-curser to non-attachment, a kind of folding into the good dough, the food for your soul. Oh, there you are, life routed by your DNA, and the odd environmental and dynamic influences on your psyche and your body, drawn ahead with desire, emotion, and knowledge(thank you Plato of the ancient wise beards). It’s hard, harder than you thought this would be, should be…oh, careful with the “should!” That’s a quality judgement, and we’re done with those right? But it IS hard. It is. It. I.There’s a panic about it. What if I can’t rise properly? There’s fear that if I drop my guard and don’t sign AND share the petition, that the world is doomed.

Load your offers!


 Well, my friend, what if your energy would be better used somewheres else?
What if you surrender to your strengths?

That would mean that I would have to believe in them in the first place.

But people might think that I’m a lunatic if I don’t work to fit in.

How’s that working out for you?


What exactly are you trying to fit in TO?

…we’ve gotten off topic. Strengths and the positive surrendering to them in consideration of better contributing to the collective. This surrendering–sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off…

It's okay. Have at it!

Right. Well, for me this surrendering is the action of deciding to practice non-attachment. It’s like you’re taking off all of that heavy armour(one letter off of “amour” ma chère) and you can breathe and exist and feel the grass under your feet, or the crunch of snow. God, it feels so good. This is the universe delighting in your emergence because this is what she made you for!

Where have you been all of this time? Here’s your place card, and we’ve saved you some dessert. 

(Here, I wanted to include a photo of a Michael Sowa greeting card, but since I love his art, I didn't want to be a dick and steal anything of his, so instead, I will forego the visual, and make the effort to promote him instead because he is hilarious. )
Try it. Just thinking of the word, “surrender,” lightens me.

So, does this mean everything from here on out is going to be easy?

 Well, “easy” typically connotes breezy-without-challenge, and that’s not realistic(also, you don’t really want that and you know it), but if you consider that now you are using your talents, your own super-duper energy instead of incessantly reaching for what you “thought” was the popular choice, things will go better.


You won’t be depleting yourself with all of the second-guessing, withholding. You’ll be using your sleek, sleek talents, and by doing so, from a place of presence, non-attachment, as close to pinnacle as you can get, you will find yourself replenished instead of depleted.  
Start here. Start fresh. Make it go!
This is what I would like.