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Dylan Bice – Uxbridge, Ontario – #Climatestrikeweek

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Dylan Bice

September 26, 2019. My attempts to get working men to interview is difficult. Again, today I was declined, but after coming out of a hardware store, I saw Dylan. He was upbeat and kind enough to take a minute to answer my questions. There were two cool malamutes sitting watching us from the back seat of his truck–those blue eyes! Yes, I wish that Dylan had answered in a little more depth, but part of the technique of these questions is to leave it up to the participant. There is as much a story in a long reply as a short one.

Are you in love?


Who has been the most influential person in your life?

"Um, wow that’s actually a really tough one. Probably my teachers in high school. They pushed me towards the trades, and I started working in it and I’ve been in it now for about twenty years!”

How do you feel about the future?

"“Really bad if Trudeau gets back in.  And better if Andrew Scheer gets in.”