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Geoff Holt – Uxbridge, Ontario –#Climatestrikeweek

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Geoff Holt

September 22, 2019. It's hard to miss the hair. You can't. So I didn't. I saw the hair and its convenient and delightful face and upper body hanging out through the Second Wedge Brewery's open garage door; the day was oddly hot, so the door was open. People were enjoying the Uxbridge farmer's market and then sitting in the brewery, enjoying everything: potatoes, greens, honey, hot sauce, pasture raised, organic, grass-fed meat, soap, pizza and beer! Geoff not only slings excellent beer at the Second Wedge, but he sings too. I forgot to tell him, during our interview, that music is bonkers important in these times, so he's doing the good thing! Fabulous human.

Are you in love?

"“Um, not at the moment, no. I fall in love very easily so, I’m always in and out of it. I’m sure I’ll be back there soon enough. I’m sure someone will walk by any minute now.”

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

“I’d have to say my father probably. Yeah, he’s very driven and everyone likes him–he’s a, I don’t know, a rock-star of engineering I guess, and he’s just, yeah, seems like he’s always had it together and everyone really respects him, so I’ve always really looked up to my dad, so–my dad!”

How do you feel about the future?

“I like to try and remain optimistic, but obviously, you know things are a little scary these days. You know–this day and age, these times. Yeah, I don’t know, I like to do whatever I can–it’s a cool place to work for that, you know–think about small town community, keep things local, and, yeah just try to do what we can to keep going and try not to get too down about the fact that everything’s a little scary right now in the world, so, yeah.”