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The Angel of Sault Ste. Marie

Posted in Adventures With Humans

It is June 14th, 2019. I am in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, catching up on some errands while on my way back from a trip out west. It is threatening rain. The colour of the clouds matches the grey of the asphalt of the mall parking lot, and also my mood.

I miss the Pacific, the mountains, and most of the Prairies–pretty much anything that isn't city. Having dipped my soul deep into the natural, quiet world, my tolerance of traffic and growing urban density is weakened, but here I am. I have gone to the bank and endured the beeps of the instant teller as it dolled out whatever it was allowed to give me. I felt like some pointless rodent thankful for food pellets. There were no such beeps in the Kananaskis Valley. My soul didn't feel so lost and insignificant there. I sigh. I am walking back across the emptiness to my van when I hear quick footsteps behind me. I look and see a small, leathery man in tired clothes wearing a backpack, jogging toward something past me. Right away he flashes a peace sign at me, grins, and says,


And right away, I am happy as hell again! His grin ignites mine. I clap my hands: "You too brother!" I holler as he passes by. He says something about getting to the bus stop before the rain comes. I am still clapping my hands and smiling, fumbling for my keys. The grey takes on a different hue. That's what happens when you find yourself in the presence–the radiance, of an angel.