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Author, comedian, blogger, and performer Suzanne Crone has worn more than few hats in her life.

Suzanne Crone is a decent plumber. She can fix a pinhole leak in no time, thanks to repeated practice in the basement of the house she and her then-husband used to raise their two boys in. The boys are young men now; dry, accomplished and out in the world.

During her childhood on a farm near Ontario’s Hockley Valley, Suzanne rode horses, tended cattle, ran tractors, hauled hay, busted things, built things, swam, cycled, dropped trees, planted things, skied, and dispensed ground hogs.

She has a degree in English from McMaster University, an Honours Certificate in PR from Humber, and took a salad of psychology and writing courses from Ryerson University.

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Always Learning Something New

Suzanne has many years of improv and Second City classes in her past. She learned to fly, and weld, build stone walls, and garden.

She has worked at film companies, ski shops, restaurants and art galleries. She has a Citation from the Canadian Red Cross. Do you have a Citation from the Canadian Red Cross?  

She once made a cheese tray for David Cronenberg. Have you made a cheese tray for David Cronenberg? Don’t worry. Few have. View Portfolio ›


In 2007, she had four short pieces published in the Globe & Mail which made her feel loved and significant.

She worked at Charlotte Hale’s Gallery in Mirvish Village and, before the village was crushed, wrote about the area artists and business owners there for photographer Gerald Pisarzowski’s book, Mirvish Village People.

Her love of classical music lead her the profile she wrote for the music site, Ludwig Van: The Tattooed Luthier.

Suzanne was a finalist in Broken Pencil’s Deathmatch, January 18, 2014 with her story, Dent-O’s “Taste-o the South.”   

She has written three novels, but it is this most recent one, The Spin, that she is presently peddling to publishers. It’s funny–the book, not the publishing effort. There is nothing at all funny about that.

It is the essays she has found herself writing lately that she is excited to offer, plus the rumblings of a one-woman show.

Suzanne has experienced darkness and light in her life. While she likes to lean towards the zinger, the funny line that catches you off guard, she is not afraid to tuck into the grittier shades of life on this planet. There is beauty there.

You could hire her to fix your plumbing. She’s also a fabulous ballroom dancer, and if you’re special, she might ride her bike with you.

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